ZaiSeNu / 在不
"Super-Ancient Music by
META-Technology" by yojo & jiji.

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yojo ; guitar, and everything else. based on Osaka.
jiji ; bass, and everything else. based on Tokyo.

"Super-Ancient Music by META-Technology."
"Futuristic electronica with Japanese traditional soul."
"Like a heavier version of Boards of Canada."
"Their sounds open the door of your mind slowly, by overwhelming beauty."(music magazine "hot express")

yojo started to play guitar in 1992.
After a while, yojo focused on creating his own band.
The band "zaisenu" was created and named by yojo in 1994.

At first, zaisenu was a few more traditional band style.
the band had 5 members, vocal, bass, synthesizer, drum, and guitar by yojo.
some songs were recorded, "摂理と奴隷", "LAND"etc...
after the keyboard player has seceded, zaisenu recorded the demo album called "鋼鐵の羽".

zaisenu has moved to Tokyo from Osaka to get better activities.
but the bassist has seceded from the band at this timing.

jiji joined zaisenu as a bassist.
the band started recording the demo album.
this was 1st work after they had come to Tokyo.

at the beginning of the year, demo album "渇望の丘" had been released.
and they had a lot of live shows in tokyo.
the drummer was seceded for their unity,
so yojo & jiji started to programming with yojo's PC-98.

zaisenu recorded demo CD "Cyclical Phase".

the band zaisenu had so many live shows in Tokyo.

zaisenu was restarted by yojo and jiji, based on electronica style.
and, they did a lot of experiments on sounds.

zaisenu recorded the demo album "Pulsar Children".
It was distributed to only their friends by hands.
and yojo moved to Osaka.

zaisenu recorded the song, "Thinker" in Tokyo.

in October, they started to record the next album.
at the end of the year, zaisenu set their own studio, "索海庵" in Tokyo.
zaisenu's myspace site was opened.

April 15, brand new zaisenu's (also means "ancient zaisenu") 1st album "経る心" was dropped into the ground.
they performed it at many situations like this, Modern Art Gallary, University of Tokyo, Art Auction Hall, with BUTOH performance, also live house and club.
September, the access to "" increased rapidly.
in October, they established private label named "hadalrecords".
it was started to distribute "経る心" on

Mar 31, Live recordings, "Live Sutra" was released by hadalrecords.

April 8th, the distribution of ZaiSeNu CD started.

and now, zaisenu are recording some tunes for the new album!

jiji(left), yojo(right)

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